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December 29, 2020 5 min read



Souls make the physical trip over and over—out, then back in…

Really think you haven’t experienced lives in other skin?

Wish someone could drop a pin to the universe within?

The veil is thick in a realm like this, so where do we begin?

How are experiences translated, how do we transcend?


‘Minority’ communities have indeed been a target…

The big lie – ‘whites’ created this faux capitalist market.

Thing is, you don’t know the rules of Globalist shade—

It’s about ancient bloodlines, not the clique you claim.

Division amongst the people is strategy in ‘the game’.


Race is the playing card used when faux flags don’t trend–

Viral moment ‘appears’ as the last ‘event’ fades…not again…

Unconscious pawns, controlled by mismanaged emotion,

Your reaction is energy delivered to the collective power station.

Prophetic times exposing schemes and paths chosen.


Merit is HOW YOU BE in the moment, not skin color you’re born in.

Life suit tailored at the soul’s request— silver threads glowing—

Circumstances designed for you, why envy others’ used moments?


Symbolic—the story of lids absent on buckets of crabs…

One tries to climb out – the rest reach up and grab.

This is the subconscious problem that some still have…

People do it to their own people, then point at ‘the man’,

Like true colors of ‘family’ revealed by inheritance—sad.


Sleeping hearts steered in the dark, feeling for the right place…


Identity is the pawn, in monopoly frames,

Like street magicians guessing animals or colors in your brain.

Systems of deduction and suggestion for predictable prey…

Compartmentalize industry, science… law? Delusion starts to play…

No other way of saying it—Godless societies run astray…


Inverted systems of confusion keep inquiring minds at bay…


One day, people will hear of societies like Boule.

Copycat Skull & Bones, Luciferian puppets at play…

But that would require examining idols… big names…

‘Activists’, athletes, celebrities… high-level blue checks get paid…

Secrets of Manchurian presidents surfacing with no escape.


NOBODY ready to talk IDOLS—under a spell they stay.


Breaking the spell means to shatter paradigms in the way.

It’s grifting season… ‘influencers’ catching trends, not faith.

Spineless conformity only flows into molds of shallow praise,

Life on the surface avoids the truth beneath the waves.

The real history of humanity is more than some can face.


Our life’s illusions, well, they’re starting to fall away…

We’ll have to take responsibility for the words we say.

We’ll have to take a break from the routines someday.

Dancing on the edge of truth, we might be shook awake,

Might catch a glimpse of the Creator like a full body taste.


Constructs of mind seem like walls, but they all have gates…


Opportunities waiting to be realized down every road…

Obstacles trigger helpless mindsets with gravity all their own—

Frequencies low diminish power and ability to KNOW.

Still, you’re brought fresh lessons aimed at freeing your soul—

Trying to show you, faith, was always the silver rope…


A Lifeline for any circumstance testing the resolve you hold.

Life’s a trip because we exist, this wild planet’s not exactly a stroll…

I suppose it explains thoughts explored inside these poems,

Hoping to uncover the parts of others’ hearts not yet owned—

The part of you seeing beyond all this psychological control.


Your spirit’s flame existing beyond culture, race, or roles…

Buried deep, I’m Zero, born to dig these holes.

Won’t leave you in the fire to suffocate in the smoke,

I’ll take some burns if it means you find grounded hope,

Dancing through the darkness is a skill I’ve come to know…


We’ll walk out together, keep goin’, don’t fold…

Return to faith, the inner flame the knows the holy ghost.

You will be lifted, see the spiritual levers behind the show…

Rise above the repeating cycles created by names unknown,

Realize the level you’re at while holding visions of where to go—


Climb the ladder to the cosmos—Intuition guides—you’ll know...


Observe emotional pains, but don’t give to fires being stoked.

Malevolent manipulation of public emotion by treasonous moles,

Desperate to cover tracks of human trafficking around the globe.

Staged drama to prevent what the President is positioned to expose…

Yeah, I know, you don’t like how he speaks­­—it’s the way it goes…


Guarantee TRUTH is stranger than the lifeless fiction we’re sold.


Gaze at the looking glass, follow the rabbit, see where it goes…

Divine hands use powerful personalities to shape the mold.

How sophisticated are you if delivery of words controls your soul?

Don’t you think it’s a test and humans should examine prose?

If confusing rhetoric is used, the internet is in your phone.



Wisdom is the real measure of the strong and the weak.


Passive-aggressive tactics want strength to feel guilt for existence.

Beta male traits, hormone-imbalanced cogs of the system—

Instead of transcending pain, they unconsciously pull in victims.

Cole’s ‘High for Hours’ explores cycles—it’s cool if you spittin’…

Note those concepts while Caucasian—now you ‘just a Christian’


The body given—a vessel for a temple out-of-phase, thus unseen—

Haven’t been to church in years, but hear ‘the Word’ in nature’s peace.

Aim to be grateful each day, maybe help some new eyes see…


Some words come with heat, it’s like I keep running in to the past me…

‘Well-meaning’ intentions often arise from years of self-deceit…

Forget to remember misunderstood people stay silent or scream.

Those ‘progressive’ pawns won’t lecture me into taking a knee.

Kneeling to omnipresence, but never to an era of mental dis-ease.


Hard to see others be used the same, loving hearts deceived.

Only drained when I lose my way— this life is but a dream…

Perceiving paradox in this hall of mirrors is confusing as it seems.


So many, to the matrix, noise of the mind, they are a slave…

Dissent from higher thought at the prospect of getting laid…

Played that part heavy in my college and city living days…

Living life for cheap thrills and projecting social justice claims,

Wasting energy needed to free my mind of programmed chains.


Working for that paycheck, to pass the time and waste away.

Climb the revolving ladder, moving up, but staying in the same place

To the unconscious mind, that feels like you’re ‘still in the chase’.

The scariest episodes of Black Mirror are the ones that seem to relate.

Quick dips in psychedelic trips foreshadowing paths and their fates.


Elaborate illusions delay divine inheritance and real change.

Dip my toes in occasionally and see how the currents sway.

Not sure why, those lessons never change… suppose I’ll learn one day…

Can’t we change the scene? Find more elevated ways to play?

No judgement, just suggestions—mostly questions—dude, okay?


The day one stops racing is when the race is won, as Marley would say…


Another session done—please know I mean it all with love—

An artist on a farm searching for diamonds through the dust.

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