Where to Find Micronutrients

July 23, 2017

Below is a table made to help show which foods contain important micronutrients, probiotics, vitamins, enzymes, etc.

Listed are sources you may find in the grocery store, these are not all available sources. As you can see from the table, variety in your diet is important to balance all chemical processes in the body.

Real food sources should always be the first choice- there may be natural chemical processes at work we don't know about yet. With that said, supplements offer a bridge until you can change your lifestyle. I squirm when organizations say you are "wasting your money on vitamins," while they allow advertisements for cheeseburgers and pharmaceuticals to air on their networks.
    Try to get organic or farmer's market vegetables, grass-fed beef, wild-caught salmon, venison, true free-range chickens for meat and eggs, etc.-it makes a difference. Whatever you are consuming, has consumed or absorbed any chemicals man introduces to the environment. Pesticides, antibiotics, fertilizers, etc. There are natural, sustainable alternatives to all the poisons used today, but that is not cost effective in modern society so you need to do your own research and be cautious.  It matters.

    Here are the supplements I experiment with, and their natural sources.


    Click on supplement name to view. 


    Natural Source

    Probiotics Kefir, Sauerkraut, Kimchi, Kombucha, Greek Yogurt (Grass-fed Sources)
    Vitamin C Oranges, Red Peppers, Kale, Brussel Sprouts, Broccoli
    Omega-3 Walnuts, Chia Seeds, Flax Seeds, Salmon, Hemp-Seed
    Biotin Peanuts, Walnuts, Eggs, Sunflower Seeds, Green Peas, Cauliflower
    Niacinamide Beets, Green Veggies, Lentils, Turkey, Chicken, Salmon
    Vitamin D3 GET SOME SUN, Cod Liver Oil, Sardines, Salmon
    Vitamin-B Complex Grass-fed Beef, Poultry, Eggs, Asparagus, Leafy Greens, Lentils 
    Magnesium Complex Spinach, Chards, Almonds, Avacados, Dark Chocolate
    Zinc Complex Pumpkin Seeds, Grass-fed Beef, Dark Chocolate, Mushrooms, Spinach, Cashews
    Lithium Orotate Shrimp, Lobster, Scallops, Lentils
    BioPerine Black Pepper w/ Meals
    Vitamin K1 Kale, Spinach, Dandelion Greens, Broccoli, Asparagus
    Vitmain K2 Natto, Grass-fed Beef, Poultry, Eggs 
    CLA Grass-fed Beef, Raw butter, Sour Cream
    Garlic Extract Crushed Garlic Cloves, Black Garlic
    Acetyl-L-Carnitine Grass-fed Beef & Venison (L-Carnitine form)
    Na R-Lipoic Acid Flaxseeds, Chia Seeds, Spinach
    Green Tea Extract Yogi Green Tea (my favorite)
    Niagen Supplement Only
    Ubiquinol Supplement Form Most Efficient
    Bio-Curcumin Tumeric
    Gotu Kola Gotu Kola plant (Supplement is ground plant powder in capsule)
    L-Glutathione Precursors- Brazil Nuts, Broccoli, Cauliflower, NAC, R-LA, B-Vitamins
    Alpha-GPC Salmon, Chickpeas, Split Peas, Eggs, Turkey 
    Phosphatidyl-Serine Soy Lecithin (highest by far), Chicken Leg w/ Skin, Chicken Breast w/ Skin
    N-Acetyl Cysteine Pasture-raised Pork/Poultry, Broccoli, Red Pepper, Garlic, Onions
    Artichoke Extract Artichokes
    Pterostilbene Blueberries, Mulberries, Red Wine, Cocoa, Unpasteurized Almonds
    BenaGene Supplement Form Most Efficient
    Pregnenolone Precursors- Grass-fed Meat, Eggs, Raw Butter
    Galantamine Supplement Form Most Efficient
    Huperzine-A Supplement Form Most Efficient
    L-Theanine Decaffinated Green, Oolong, and Black Tea
    BCAAs Grass-fed Beef, Venison, Chicken, Fish, Eggs, Peas, Lentils, Nuts, Hemp Protein
    Collagen Peptides Grass-fed Beef, Bone Broth, Venison, Chicken, Fish, Eggs, Peas, Lentils, Nuts, Hemp Protein
    Creatine Monohydrate Grass-fed Beef, Venison, Chicken, Turkey, Salmon
    L-Glutamine Beans, Beets, Cabbage, Spinach, Grass-fed Beef, Venison, Chicken, Turkey, Salmon
    L-Ornithine Grass-fed Beef, Venison, Chicken, Turkey, Salmon, Dark Chocolate, Chickpeas
    L-Lysine Beans, Lentils, Seeds, Almonds, Grass-fed Beef, Venison, Chicken, Turkey, Salmon
    L-Leucine Grass-fed Beef, Venison, Chicken, Fish, Eggs, Peas, Lentils, Nuts, Hemp Protein, Seeds
    L-Arginine Turkey, Chicken, Lobster, Shrimp, Crab, Eggs, Cashews, Almonds
    L-Citrulline Watermelon, Cucumbers, Onions, Garlic, Salmon and Red Meat, Dark Chocolate, Almonds, Walnuts
    Milk Thistle Milk Thistle Seed
    MCT Oil Coconut Oil is about 15% MCTs

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