My Story

I started out life on a small farm in South Dakota.  A lot of time was spent alone, exploring my family farms and land.  Anytime I look back on my childhood I feel grateful, more than anything.  I got to explore and, outside of school and sports, largely got to avoid the distractions society in my youth. Spending time outside by myself allowed some self-discovery and helped me be mindful before I knew what that was.

My parents didn’t tell me what to be, or what to like, and it allowed me to become my own person. I got to be creative every day. I lost a little bit of that as I got older, when social status started to matter. Sports and friends became the main priority. I still made art and spent time thinking, but it was a fraction of what it was before.  I learned a lot through sports and will always be some of the best memories I have, but I left a big part of me on the sidelines. Balancing life at that age was impossible.

College had its ups in down, and I am better for it.  Like my youth, it was another part of the timeline of life lessons. I learned a lot about myself and people in that place, and I’m grateful for every part of it. I learned more about the speed of life than any particular subject.

Thankfully, I grew up; and that muse seemed to have its own gravity pulling back. Creativity and testing my body are the only things that slow down the restless mind I'm stuck with. Each time they come around, they stay a little longer.

It’s a long journey, understanding your own mind and what it can do.  Throwing yourself into different environments can be the quickest path to understanding. Sometimes it takes new places, new people, and new risks. I'm thankful for those experiences in the cities I’ve lived in the last few years also. Spend some time observing whichever setting you’re in, instead of reacting. You’d be surprised what you find out about yourself.

I paint pictures to express my reality and write to do the same. Then, read books to understand that reality. I’m not expecting everybody to agree with my opinions, but also not expecting everyone disagree either. My goal is to cultivate thought. I express myself because I can.

Portfolio 51 is my outlet for that expression; putting thoughts into words and imagination onto canvas.  I’ll warn, I’m unapologetically myself and will post accordingly. Hopefully, it’ll offer a fresh perspective on things.

Thanks for visiting,