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I moved back to South Dakota in 2018 to create art full-time and restore a multi-generation family farm, the new 'headquarters' for my creative endeavors. It is a bit of a journey for most people to find their way out here for sessions, but I suppose that's part of the experience.

It’s a long journey, understanding your own mind and it's potential.  We all have path in life, and the art shared on this website is a reflection of the path taken to create what is seen here. Throwing yourself into different environments can be the quickest path to understanding. It can take new places, new people, and new 'risks' to trigger creativity, leading to art.

Art can be seen as how your live your life just as much as it is seen as a beautiful sunset painted on canvas or an elaborate tattoo design. Time spent in observation can bring rewards that you may never notice in a reactive state. You’d be surprised what you find out about yourself, and how creative you actually are, when the inner dialogue slows.

Portfolio 51 is an outlet for that expression; putting thoughts into words and imagination onto canvaswhether that be on a wall or on skin.

The goaland themes of the tattoos, paintings, and poems on this siteis to cultivate awareness.

Thanks for visiting,