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Regarding Tattoo Requests

  • Please keep in mind- I am not able to respond to everybody, but will do my best to read all requests.  I'll scan the inbox for potential projects that I feel will add to my current portfolio of work.
  • If life didn't have a time limit I would love to do work on everyone, but unfortunately our time on this planet is limited. You can see from my current portfolio the type of tattoos I enjoy doing. Of course, I'm always interested in cool, new concepts as well.

Please include in Email:

  • Desired location of tattoo
  • Reference photos/ideas
  • Best size estimate
  • Budget (I will not use this to maximize the price I charge- I do need to determine if goals are realistic based on the hourly rate below)

For your information:

My current hourly tattooing rate is $110/hour (plus taxes).  I will try to accommodate for any clients traveling long distances with excessive travel costs. 


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