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Murals/Street Art/Commissioned Painting

  • Contact me with size estimates, pictures of the area to be painted, and reference photos of the style or themes you're looking for—I will base estimates off of these.

Regarding Tattoo Requests

  • Please keep in mind- I am not able to respond to everybody right away, but will do my best to read all requests. I will keep all messages and contact people as spots open!
  • I will only book out a month or two at a time, so please be patient with me!
  • I will give priority to those who allow some freedom for creativity with large pieces/themes, portraits/realism, geometric, color, etc. Really anything that looks fun to do.
  • If life didn't have a time limit I would love to do work on everyone, but unfortunately our time on this planet is limited. You can see from my current portfolio the type of tattoos I enjoy doing. Of course, I'm always interested in cool, new concepts

Please include in Email:

  • Desired possible location(s) of tattoo
  • Reference photos/ideas
  • Best size estimate
  • Budget
    • I will not use this to maximize the price I charge- I do need to determine if goals are realistic.
    • I used to charge hourly, but everyone's tolerance and skin is so different it's not an accurate reflection of the work done across all people.
    • I will charge by the piece. If your budget is too much or too little I will let you know.


I will do my best to adjust give some sort of a discount for those who have to travel long distances


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