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The boy was beginning to understand that intuition is a really sudden immersion of the soul into the universal current of life, where the histories of all people are connected, and we are able to know everything, because it’s all written there.


Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist



Where has it gone?

Intuition is absent in the presence of fear, arrogance, or anger. Intuition is readily available for some, but for most is buried deep below a jaded identity. That mental noise creates barriers between cynicism and creativity—the difference in life and living.

Intuition is the elusive balance in life we wish we had more of. The power source of every life. Even more powerful when the mind is still, operating apart from daily noise and distraction. The words to describe it aren't found easily because an arbitrary vocabulary doesn’t begin to scratch the surface. So, maybe we can talk less and pay attention more.


I’ve wondered about words for most of my life, how they’re used to give identities to feelings, intentions, or theories an individual is expressing. These words are no different. Obviously, they help to converse with people and have value. I’m only suggesting we rely too heavily on our symbols for interactions, and that we reassess our authenticity as a society.

Why have words become cheap and absent of meaning? Why are we afraid to be real? I have a feeling it’s directly linked with everyone’s impulse to be offended, and to manipulate the meaning of words to fit their narrative—the mind’s identity refusing to acknowledge a complex reality. We resonate with like stories who don’t interrupt our identity, but reject any other views. I’m guilty of this, multiple times over. The more I reflect on that realization, the more words become nothing other than symbols, and the more I rely on actions and demeanor to expose true intentions. Demeanor is the subconscious exposing itself when the mind’s words can’t keep its story straight.

Truth is one of those words exploited to aid opinions and agendas—that’s not its purpose. Truth is not specific to culture or time, or the individual. Truth is universal and infinite.


Truth and Ignorance

Truth would be better served as a general direction. Not an absolute fact or destination as it’s treated, especially by people we call “leaders." The general direction leads to a mindset that can be applied to an entire life experience, not to a specific point in that life experience. I would aim to act on feelings of psychological peace that resonate with compassion. What can be done to feel that way?

It’s simple—it feels good to give. It feels good to cause positive sparks in lives outside your own, which can’t be denied if never done without expectations in return. These acts return the favor by causing positive sparks in your own life, directly or indirectly. When this is practiced, life brings progress. When ignored, life will bring repetition and superficial interactions.

Aiming for truth through intuition can be an uncomfortable path. You will probably feel misunderstood, or out of place, most of the time. I wouldn’t judge this as a good or bad thing in a sick society, but it can be a compass. Always keep an eye on that compass, it can be swayed by other forces (parasitic people & desires). That doesn't require cynicism toward life and people, it requires discernment and realizing the power of suggestion. If that discernment for truth is practiced and reflected on absent of personal identity, it can lead to sustainable bliss.

Bliss is contentment, in my mind. Contentment comes with progress and understanding, which can sprout from one seed of truth in your mind. It’s your responsibility to help it grow. Even the most jaded people have a piece of optimism left in them if they’d push pause on the identity more often. Bliss won’t exist where there is attachment to the material world, but ignorance will. It thrives in that mindset proportional to the level of attachment.

Ignorance is an easier path to take initially. Ignorance, maintained by consistent distraction, will bring short-lived moments of perceived contentment (such as when you "win" an argument via personal attacks vs. actual knowledge, revenge, desire for “likes”, junk food, etc.) only to lead to relentless pain. This pain, referring to discontentment, is what we call anxiety and stress. Appearing outwardly as depression, anger, or physical illness—symptoms of unbalance and dis-ease. Early days of ignorance can turn into future years of suffering.

All suffering is perception resulting from a mindset with self and personal circumstances at the center. All judgement passed is only a reflection of personal insecurities and lessons ignored. Suffering and judgement occur in the individual voiding the present moment to mentally live through the past or future. Real-time life, and personal flaws, can be too uncomfortable for many to look at.

Consider what perceptions exist by bringing subconscious actions into the light for examining, and reeling that mental timeline back to ground zero (now). Don’t be afraid to question your own motives and actions. Are you swayed by truth or comfort?


Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.


—Carl Jung


The truth consistently resurfaces for a reason. It may be pushed into the deep layers when the collective human ego grows into a form of intellectual obesity, but doesn’t disappear completely. Truth is timeless, while deceit is attached to an expiration date. The lifespan depends on the time it takes for the deceived to become aware. Then, truth comes back to the surface in moments or clarity where realizations and epiphanies are felt. When realizations occur, there’s no need for revenge, only acceptance and a new path forward.

This path, and psychological freedom, will disintegrate in front of your eyes if the truth is regurgitated without context, or manipulated for selfish gain. With consistent observation and reflection, the path will be clear. Truth contains intrinsic keys to our enlightenment as a species, wired into our very existence. Why do we give in to pressure and alter it to fit in?

When things don’t add up—subtract. Simple truth. Simple Concept. Unlearn what’s been gathered for social and professional acceptance over the years, and return to baseline. Unlearn familiar comforts and habits to find out what is real.

Why is it so difficult to find what is real?


The Disconnect


The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.


―Nikola Tesla



The disconnect has its foundations in ego. Our identity insists on viewing the world as purely physical, isolated instances of cause and effect. Down to what we can physically see and relate to, so we can continue to exist on the surface. This need for identity locks people into an economically preferred, volatile frame of mind. A perfect target for manipulation, and labeled a “consumer”. Quick bursts of dopamine controlling the pieces (us) on the monopoly board. The power source of the grand illusion we participate in each day.

portfolio 51 disconnect illustration

Media outlets use this daily to pull people back to the surface, out of the depth of thought. When people explore the depths, they soon find instant media useless. Wouldn’t be good for profits if that caught on, would it?

The surface illusion keeps people attached to the flotation device that is fear, instead of encouraging people to swim. Internal, rationalized fear creates the political correctness, tribalism, mental illness, and stagnant lives. Deceit creates this fear. It creates a disconnected society.

Remember, words of deceit can seem like fact if sprinkled with the truth. That combination, evolving for millennia through many civilizations with agendas of their own, can become clever mechanisms of control. Mechanisms that would be near invisible to a well-trained, conformed populace. What are the invisible forces acting on your life?

The emotionally exhausted masses are subconsciously desperate for relief and security, and industry promises this relief (e.g. anti-depressant tv commercials). Industry creates need by fragmenting knowledge via semantics, then charges a premium to clarify the resulting confusion. The easiest way to keep minds scattered on the economic hamster wheel and dependent on group identity. This provides plenty of room for self-proclaimed experts to thrive, trends to exist, and markets to “emerge”.

This cumulative fear has arrived at an all too convenient circle of consumer products, poor health, and redundant busywork people can’t seem to get out of. Human characteristics are a science, and profit parasites know human weakness. This control and scarcity model has evolved to trigger your desire for convenience and numb intrinsic signals. It has evolved to keep you exhausted and susceptible to corporate influence. We need to evolve and be able to discern truth from deception.

All areas of modern society contain truth and deception: religion, relationships, medicine, food, “innovative” technology, justice, personal liberties, etc. There are no exceptions. Examine which areas of your life may be taking you along for the ride. What draws energy from your emotions and leaves you exhausted? What distorts your intuition?

Intuition cannot be bought, and doesn't come from the memorization and regurgitation of notes paid for by inescapable student loans. Nor will it be found in any “facts”, or industries, that thrive on scare tactics and manipulation. Pure sources of poison for human consciousness. We all sip this slow-acting poison every day.



How is the rate of disease increasing in the same countries that are most technologically advanced, while simultaneously posting the highest corporate profits? How do bankers that cause national financial collapse, and the thousands of extra suicides following, get no jail time, and then receive a bailout? Justice in a distorted system depends on strategy and what you can afford, not what’s right.

It’s a helpless feeling to those on the low end of the wage gap. Even many at the high end of the gap are realizing what they were looking for doesn’t exist in an imaginary, empty digital currency. Look around. Look at your loved ones. Walk around a city for an hour. Don’t look at the ground or your phone, look at people. Step outside of your bubble and actually look around. Physical and mental disease, more accurately unease, is everywhere. But, it must be coincidence. Coincidence is a great word for people afraid to look at reality.

Call this correlation, but the current antiquated model seems to underhandedly punish good people while encouraging them in parallel, to support the smoke and mirrors strategy that fuels industry and manipulation. We are living a stone age existence disguised (by authority) as prosperity through technology and marketing. Society has been warped from its original meaning by industry, the collective human condition following the system they were born in to. The sad thing is, we gave permission for all of this to happen by losing sight of the little things.

Why can’t we accept that deception exists? Or powerful, selfish motives in a need-to-know system withholding information through unspoken hierarchy? We accept its existence when it’s overseas, but not when it’s close to home. Especially not when it’s our place of employment, team, friends, or family—or a personal tactic. Why is that? It’s too uncomfortable. That type of contradiction causes cognitive dissonance, a political tool that’s been used on populations for decades.

Always be skeptical of authority used to preserve a certain way of life and nationalist view of the world. After all, if the life being lived is right, why must it be preserved or enforced? Enforcement is birthed out of fear. Balance (intuition) and confidence doesn’t require enforcement. Leaders whose strategy is to protect citizens with nationalism use it as a tool to distract, and to solidify their own foundation of control. Those leaders make you believe they know what’s best for you. They don’t.

We have been misled. I’m not going to say intentionally, but not willing to say it wasn’t either. Don’t fall back on familiar emotional crutches when uneasy feelings or thoughts arise. Don't give in, face those insecurities with mind, body, and spirit. Find out the cause by observing your reaction. When you feel resistance or anxiety, look at it. Don’t freeze and find another distraction.

It's easy to blame circumstances on variables out of your control. Understanding that we do have control of perceived reality can be a shock to some people. Cognitive dissonance comes back out to play. Individual minds freeze when new knowledge directly contradicts what they've been told their entire lives. It's understandable, but people must also realize it's a battle with the ego—not with the truth.

Without those psychological pollutants, balance is a natural resonance. The world and its people are out-of-balance, on different wavelengths. Not hopeless—just polluted.


Ripple Effect

I bring up the dark aspects of life to bring acceptance to them. We can remove this psychological pollution, one person at a time. But it cannot be changed by complaining or getting offended. Global changes happen through the individual who sheds layers of conformity to find the basic truths. The individual can awaken and find intuition, and change his or her community by presence alone.

Don’t sit around and wait for politicians and bureaucrats to do it for you. Break the chains of dependence and convenience. Author your own experience, and help others do the same.

Release fear, then feel ripples of acceptance and growth pulse through your life, and lives you are closest to.


Quantum Path

Everyone is connected at a quantum level, whether sitting next to them in church pew or across the world, alone, praying for their well-being. We are all comprised of the same entangled atomic energy fields. We are all consciousness. The light of the universe shaped by frequencies of photons, all from the same source, supplying every human soul.


If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

―Nikola Tesla


You are connected to everyone, even people that bring personal feelings of resentment. Those feelings arise from perceived attacks on your identity. You may do everything in your power to erase ties to specific people, but it won’t do any good. The magnetic forces of this universe will strengthen those connections as result, to force an experience.

Good or bad, experiences resonate in the mind until acceptance of the event occurs. The choice is up to the experiencer. That’s why some carry mental burdens through their entire life, and arrive at the end in a state of discontentment. Discontentment is the result of voluntary ignorance and desire for comfort. Discontentment exists through avoidance. Through these actions, you give permission for negative experiences to continue. Face your demons, and accept them, before your physical clock decides you failed the test.

Forgiveness and acceptance are necessary—not optional—to free the mind and for consciousness to flow. We are all connected whether you like it or not. Forgiveness is a characteristic of the strongest among us, not the weak. It takes a strong individual to resist raw emotions and accept circumstances as they happen.There are no exceptions based on scenarios. Forgiveness is forgiveness, and acceptance of the situation is acceptance of the situationthere’s no secret, only practice. It’s for the benefit of the mind. Will you choose to observe, or continue to let emotion respond for you?

Unchecked emotion leads to a trap that contains a life of struggle and cynical living. A life of self-service will include daily battles with ego, worth, control, and contempt. Little hope, inspiration, peace, or real love. It will seem like the world is against you, but the world is not responsible for your reality. You are.

Another reminder that a negative reaction, and the moment where it resides, is temporary. There is no law stating you must react the same way in the future, although the ego tends to disagree. Your ego wants to tell you “who you are” and how you handle things. Decide what is more valuable—new experiences and a path to contentment, or living life on repeat. There are two bases to every decision: self-service and repetition, or service to others and growth. That subconscious selection is made in each moment of the day.

How do you learn to recognize lessons right in front of you? Mentors are important, but aren’t always available. Carefully chosen books are a great alternative. Though, those sources of knowledge are only tools to find intuition that already exists within. Intuition can be found in that space between stimulus and reaction. This space can be opened by turning off words in the mind for a few moments at a time. One moment of that awareness, one lesson, can resonate for a lifetime.


Intuition is the father of new knowledge, while empiricism is nothing but an accumulation of old knowledge. Intuition, not intellect, is the ‘open sesame’ of yourself.

Indeed, it is not intellect, but intuition which advances humanity. Intuition tells man his purpose in this life.

—Albert Einstein


If you can find this space, and repeatedly practice, it can be used in each moment of the day. It can curb the influence negative, bitter people attach to your subconscious. It may help you recognize these patterns in yourself and others. It can be a rope out of the quicksand, and back to stable soil. It can bring you back to the present moment of now. All we ever have is right now.

Even the last moments of physical life are only the last moments of “now”. Memories are no more vivid than intense dreams. Every second that passes by is nothing more than a memory. So, what is real? Praise and identity are temporary characteristics of the physical world; don’t let them dictate the direction intuition takes you. Step outside of the ego from time to time, and enjoy everything, everyone, you are connected to.

It’s an entire universe. Stop, and attempt to comprehend infinity from time to time, it will humble you.



Tune In

What if intuition originates from a universal source, and our bodies only receive the signals? We just need to tune our dials to the right station. Suppose God, truth, resonance, and intuition are related, or all one in the same. One clear, present moment unencumbered by the static of human ego and identity. What if it surrounds us, and all we need to do is clear the static noise?


Looking for consciousness in the brain is like looking Inside a radio for the announcer.

—Nassim Haramein


Without attempts at intuition—out of the shadows of pleasure and distraction—purpose will be absent. The signals will still be there, but your mind will be closed off to them. Challenges will only appear to be “problems”, instead of lessons. Instead of growth, there will be complacency followed by decay. Stumbling daily into that mental quicksand is a dangerous game.

What could stop these trends? Awareness. Spending time without attaching judgement and emotion to everything. Awareness is observation, with compassion for other individuals’ struggle to understand the same game. When someone irritates you, or does something terrible, stop and think about the life they may have experienced up to that point. Understanding can prevent those negative experiences in the future. Revenge will only sign you up for a repeat experience in the future.

Accept yourself, accept others, then spread that acceptance. Love is acceptance. Acceptance is love. It doesn’t have to be more than that, it just is. Nor does it always need to be said, although there’s no need to fear saying it. It can be mutually understood and felt in intuition.  Love doesn’t have to be the corny, possessive, superficial word that’s gained momentum in the age of social media. Love is not needy.

Children and loved ones are a gift, and an opportunity to practice selfless love. They are not property. They are not an opportunity to exercise control because you don’t have control of your own experience and emotions. Appreciate and understand this. If you’re able to disarm mental barriers around that idea, it can change your perception of personal relationships, and people in general.

Every person on this planet started as a helpless infant, followed by a childhood looking for love and support. Instead, many of those little ones received control and limitations. The people of this world are lost children stuck in an aging body. I wish there were a better way to remember this in the moment, when we are busy tearing people down to hide from our own insecurities.

This seems so clear, I can’t comprehend why so many “experts” sit around and scratch their head to figure out why the world is as it is.

Opinions of a conformed, yet fragmented, society in this age hold no key to happiness, or an understanding of this complex reality. Opinions emerging from tribalism and securing identity are often chains. The chains are all the illusive sources of personal anxiety that you can’t put a finger on. Put pressure on those chains by observing them without looking away, as uncomfortable as that may be. At some point the chain, or the system anchoring the chain, will break down and you’ll feel the early sensations of psychological freedom. Awareness is the key to freedom.

Mind, body, spirit. Knowledge, real food, meditation. Time in reflection, time practicing creativity, time with books, and especially time with nothing at all. You choose the activity that gets your mind to that place. Uninterrupted focus and peace are the only goals. Find that place. You can say it sounds like whimsical nonsense. But first consider—what do you actually know?

Real food and personal acceptance is the foundation of change for the physical body. Food that you know is good, not convenient. Let intuition decide what food is “good”, and how much is necessary—not anxiety. Especially not all-encompassing, corporate food guidelines using marketing to send out the prescribed amount. They don’t know you. You know you, if you’d listen.

I understand how it feels to be insecure and anxious. I understand how good a moment of distraction (food, social media, tv, etc.) feels when life seems crazy or hard to grasp. I understand, but I also want people to feel what good actually feels like. Mentally and physically. It’s a whole different reality.

You say that’s who you are, but it isn’t. It’s who you think you are. I told myself the same stories anytime life wasn’t going how I wanted. I used to fight everything and everyone. If you’ve never had consistent clarity, you don’t know who you are. That’s the potential people are always talking about, but rarely pursue themselves.



Belief is a major part of this equation. And hopefully the result of finding intuition, through acceptance.

I don’t use the word belief lightly, or to make people feel good. Belief is part of the quantum soup, and it is real. It can change your perception of reality, ultimately changing your physical reality. They dismiss this as “placebo effect” in medical circles. The mind and food aren’t allowed to heal the body in capitalism, only “food” and “medicine” with a patent and barcode. How else would the people on top keep tabs on who has the most credits in this video game we call economy and commerce?

I harp on food often, but the type of food—carbs, fats, proteins, etc.—is not nearly as important as your intrinsic mindset toward your reason for eating it. Authentic belief is an environmental factor, and environmental factors can change your biology (if you want to sound smart, call it epigenetics). People underestimate the power of intention to a level of magnitude I can’t describe. True, subconscious intention—not the intention you proclaim with words.

You cannot trick the subconscious intelligence that exists. It knows when you are settling for convenience and not taking care of yourself. It knows when you take shortcuts. It knows when you’re eating to avoid uncomfortable experiences. Trapped, unexplored emotions are the root cause of dis-ease. This will be reflected in your health. It’s speaking to you, but you aren’t always listening.

It’s the language without words.It’s intuition.

This also applies heavily to your life’s work, or the modern definition of a career. Passion and intuition are found in the act of doing, it doesn’t matter what that something is. The careers and industries we’ve allowed to exist as a society are just as arbitrary as the vocabulary that accompanies it.

It’s no different than allowing someone to be your significant other. There are millions of people you’d be compatible with, not just one. Same goes for jobs. You aren’t meant for just one line of work. Your meaning is in subconscious intention, and there are likely hundreds of jobs that align with that intention; they just may not align with the financial expectations society has set for your identity.

The subconscious exists outside of time. It knows the ripple effects of a chosen path, in front of and behind you, and will send warning signals internally, minute by minute. If your existence is a soul-draining experience, or you feel hesitance each day you wake up, it is because you aren’t listening. Not because you are meant to be one specific thing, or with one specific person.

You become your response to intention and intuition—neglected or accepted.

True belief, born from acceptance, can cause change separate from physical action. It can cause teams to play as one unit, it can cause magnetic bonds between people that words can’t describe, and can help the body heal from disease. It may serve well as the first mechanism for prevention of physical and mental disease. A lack of belief can do the opposite.

A bad (victim) attitude does more damage than most realize. It leads to dependence on convenience, and is a recipe for disaster. It’s so easy to lose perspective and live through the identity of a victim with the “poor me” or “how dare they do/say that to me” attitude. Be aware of this, it’s self-service trying to control you. It can be silenced by practicing gratefulness. It can be silenced by thinking of others.

When thinking of others, pray for them, care about them, and accept them in your thoughts. Don’t worry about them. The quantum connection is just as strong through worry as it is with belief, and can affect your relationship with loved ones whether they are in the physical vicinity or not. Worry is energy based in fear and offers no benefit to the collective consciousness. (Another reason to stop giving attention to media.)

Prayer—with or without religion—can quiet the mind and void self-centered focus. Positive thoughts and hope toward people and circumstances outside yourself can be the answer for victim mentality. Prayer and positive thought can open areas of the mind you didn’t realize were there.


Find the Silver Lining

Start to question things, wonder about things again. You know, like you did when you were a little kid. Children are born with a spectrum of untainted genius that’s slowly crushed to fit into the economic spectrum, if not crushed by their parents’ selfish desires first.

Be a kid again. That sense of wonder can help you see old things with new details. Don’t always accept what the “adults” tell you. Advice from the jaded is equivalent to living in the past, and is of no use. Age and systems do not always indicate wisdom. A soul that has been tested time and time again, but still guided by compassion, is where you will find wisdom.

The wise can always see the silver lining. Appreciating the silver lining in each situation is the key to discovering the potential and growth all around, waiting to be used. Don’t let other people project their idea of potential on to you. That’s nothing more than their own unfulfilled desires speaking out.

Choose to be different. Choose to think. Choose to question things and see where the lessons are. Choose to change your daily habits in ways that don't support massive, parasitic entities. Choose what feels right over what is accepted, or convenient.

It’s so important to separate from your identity—to spend time looking at yourself, and your thoughts, from an outside view. It’s the only way lasting change can take hold. Observe yourself in a supportive, constructive manner. Treat "you" as the student and intuition as the teacher. Both already exist, nothing else is needed.

Accept that the mind needs to unlearn so much of what it thought was true. Spend time observing instead of acting instinctively. At some point, the crazy ups and downs aren’t fun anymore. When things don’t add up, the only thing left to do is subtract. See what’s behind the curtain called “you”.

Create a sliver of space between every situation that tests your patience and your reaction to it.

Find the silver lining.


Be the Light

What you do, and how you feel, in each moment matters. It has always mattered. Unconditional love is being real with yourself right now for people you likely won't get a chance to physically meet. Doing things because it has the potential to benefit or inspire other people, not because you're going to get a form of immediate gratification for it. That’s self-service, which doesn’t have a happy ending. The decisions you make several times throughout the day affect the collective consciousness, and future lives, you are connected to.

All the decisions don’t have to be made at once, nor do all changes. They are made in the moment, without personal judgement relating it to the past or the future. Only observing the moment and truly paying attention to the little things. The little things are everything. The linear view of life is false and shallow. Once again, only scratches the surface of this complex reality. Life occurs in cycles, no different than everything else in the known universe.

Every beat of our hearts during every revolution of this planet we’re on, in a universe of infinite possibilities and size, offers new cycles to do things differently. Our identities are not special, they are coping mechanisms. Our experiences are where true substance and connection exists. We are a part of something so much bigger than our temporary identity. We need to acknowledge that, even if we can’t comprehend it. We are here to learn and grow, not to exist inside a designated system where others tell us what we should be.

Change isn't scary when viewed as lessons and growth. Change is only scary when you view it as an attack on "who you are". Change is only scary if you hold fear in your heart. And as I’ve said before, that's irrational when you haven't gotten to experience who you are, or felt the selfless nature of true reality.

The past is gone and the future is unpredictable. What is done now, in each present moment, matters. The simplest advice, as many wise people have said before, is to be here now. Give intuition a chance.


The world doesn’t need more mediocrity and excuses—it needs your light.



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Opening up Instagram.

Youare flabbergastered at what you see: Over 652 likes on one of your pictures! There, you see a a huge amount of likes on your pictures—over 738 on a single photo alone.

You put your super-duper soft slippers on and head to the kitchen for some tea. After putting on the kettle, you pull out your phone again.

Presto! Another 20 likes.

Ding—another message pops into your inbox from a follower. They are asking you for advice on how you manage your food, and are congratulating you on your third month of hitting the gym.

As you read it, you begin to grin. It’s a super sweet-looking person, and they love your posts.

Within minutes, your phone buzzes AGAIN.

Wow, ANOTHER message. You close your phone and throw it in the bag. Time for the gym.
Listen, jelsma_p51art, most people just aren’t in control of their life. Heck, they can’t even force themselves to munch a balanced breakfast, much less hit the gym.

I’m here to show you how to take control of your Instagram.

Now, what if you raised your popularity by 100%, or 1000%?

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Sound too good for reality? Just follow these steps to get a taste:
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Being a regular staple on that page will accelerate your growth 10x, easy. But if you want the fame, you’ve got to reach for it. Are you ready?

Happy image-uploading.

Nadine Braley
Nadine Braley

December 27, 2019

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Alexis Trigg

December 27, 2019

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