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December 13, 2021 3 min read


Cosmos glowing, subtly showing ‘the Way’ in each moment of our lives…


Bringing forth what’s within our hearts, or torn apart by what we hide

Suns of Source, reclaiming earth, shedding layers of worldly disguise

Lighthouse in storms, faith in faithless worlds, beacons to the blind

Living behind cracks of fading masks, trends and tasks— as was I…

Born blue collar toil, salt of the soil, rediscovering true wealth inside


A hero’s journey, an initiate’s searching, riding waves and tones…


Winding roads, grinding lows— bringing highest of highs ever known

A babbling labyrinth, material trappings— not all the glittering is gold

Great spirit chanting, here’s to the passing of sight we used to hold

Sunlight dancing, vipers glancing, homecoming red carpets unroll

Illusions of solitude, guides within all of you— truly never alone


Beyond Maya’s fables, ‘wealth’ is an ability to fully experience life…


An ordinary experience, a human appearance, unlocking eternal sight

Mirrors showing the masters we’ve been waiting on all this time…

Walking through gutters, rising from clutter— now seeing why…

Divine marriage is true awareness, syncing hearts and minds

Vibrations rippling is Spirit whispering— as we flow, we fly


Dust settling, timelines developing, we’ve never been off-course…


Seeking finished maps, another’s tracks, leaves so little to explore

‘Time’ unfolding— revealing, exposing— as folding was done before

Adjusting sight, releasing time, flowing with Inspiration’s rapport

Knowing thyself, experiencing new edges, yet anchoring thy core

Inspiration’s perfect guiding in moments arriving— never before


Loveless ambition brings selfish missions— cheap mansions, empty rooms…


Those hearts expanding cease commanding with truth coming to view

Some people staying, others fading— some will come, some will move

Detaching from desires— cutting of dark wires— allowing the new…

What’s always been yours returns when ready— cliché, but oh-so true

Realms responding, eternal bonding, sunset skies smiling back to you


Change never-ending, plateaus before ascending— new beginnings roar…


All our miseries are simple attachments, past reactions, nothing more

Minds reaching, obsessed in seeking— climbing walls with open doors

Death is no ending, it’s Fear pretending— Imagination washed ashore

Walking through gallows fearing no shadows— the cutting of cords

Divine surrender removing all pretenders— thy Kingdom restored


The eternal moment is timeless focus, yet viewing changing seasons…


Looking in hearts, divine sparks— the makings of angels and demons

Multidimensional lessons, differing costumes, though similar reasons

Resonance bringing transcendence— or perceptions of weakness

Seeking acceptance, thy higher sight and presence brings all freedom

Stepping outside the matrix, new paths in patience, alchemizing ego


Be like water in a river of acceptance, faith’s protection is blessed…


Habitual actions as common distractions, all coming to a head…

Every experience passing, moments interacting— every single test

Repeating actors, evolving chapters— the patterns making sense

Sunlight waning, dog days dragging— though not so many left

Eyes reframing disasters and the meetings of masters— stages set


Word through all I see before me, recognizing divinity in all who pass…


The Kingdom is come, freeing God’s children of self-actualizing stress

Phenomena appearing where there is no fearing— if given a chance

The valley of shadows, snakes in the shallows— nothing more than tests

False structures falling may be alarming, yet necessary nevertheless

New worlds calling, each sunrise calming and revealing her breathe


Mist rising, sunlight shining, only the Most High knows what’s next…

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