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December 29, 2020 3 min read


Miracles and magic, are they one in the same?

Why fear the idea of exploring the unexplained?

Why pretend we’re “living the dream” if it causes pain?

Viewing behind the veil is the Allegory of the Cave

Light and Sound singing stories on an eventful, infinite stage


With conscious awareness weaving the wandering of the waves…


What holds us in time behind the full spectrum of vision?

Words—combinations of symbols representing opinion

Nothing more than simple strokes penned with precision

Calculated paid program-ming, broad-cast on tel-e-vision

Manchurian mockingbirds echoing handler-approved decisions


No intention to BE change, but create the appearance


The devil’s in the details, some are beginning to grasp

Are buzzwords and segregating vocabulary the trap?

Ever wonder why it’s called spell-ing? Let me guess…

Intention’s energy into words— a spell that’s cast

Populations at the precipice paying attention, at last


We can rise above those using deception to divide faith


Agents of shadows imbed their thorns then walk away,

Sleight of hand is an insurgent’s trick of the trade

The oxyMorons ‘fighting for peace’—or so they claim

Why fight fire with fire when results are always the same?

Who are you to tell people when they should be afraid?


Why not face our shadows instead of looking away?


Shall it profit a man to gain the world, but forget the soul?

Man’s desire to control what isn’t meant to be controlled

Fool’s gold magic aims to steal what was not bestowed

A false sage found out by seeds of doubt that it sews

Those grasping for control feel separation the most


Will we accept responsibility for Life’s obstacles we chose?


Life offers no curses, but circumstances to be faced,

Chosen by resonance, there’s no one else to blame

Fear has always been a liar as it claimed to keep you safe

Death by a thousand cuts is strategy some choose to play

Fear was our teacher for a time, now things have changed


Are you here to free people? Or give them more chains?


Why imagine Christ on the cross, instead of the Christ who came?

Why view life as a sacrifice when it’s a blessing to light the way?

The meaning you give anything, is the meaning it gains...

Do you really want to free people— or just “keep them safe”?

Will we transmute the distortions— or give them a name?


Ignorance is transient, always providing room for grace


A rebellious house— eyes to see, but see not— how so?

To reclaim ignorance is to look past God in human clothes

Ears to hear, but hear not— this story is ages old—

The ages of forgetting came, and now will be reknown

What if we could hear and see, what can’t be heard or shown?


Do we waive our divinity when we “do what we’re told”?


The great Spirit never left, only allowed distortions to show

Allowing Creation’s children to pretend until they ‘know’

Gifts to be received require a righteous resonance to hold

Are higher sight and hearing for inner events that unfold?

Devotion to Inner Truth is the only straight and narrow road


A Heart’s spirit armor gives the Seat of the Soul space to grow


Divine Union can be experienced in the heart You hold

Unite Soul and Mind, and the Body becomes whole

God the Father and God the Spirit, God the Son we all know

Soul and Spirit move together in the dance that’s Your own

Do we die to old ways to receive gifts to be bestowed?


Will it arrive in different packaging than fear would have you know?


Divine nature was the Son of Man—a Man among men

Seen in truth, the word ‘magic’ would fade with the wind

What seems like magic may be traits of the indwelt sent,

Second coming shift of awareness we’ve yet to comprehend

Gold flows, filling cracks, vessels becomes whole again…


A voice echoes in the distance “Behold, I make all things new”


Maybe Magic seeks the vessel willing to accept the Truth

Maybe, the Christ returns in us all as we make room,

Lanterns light darkness for seekers— yes, pests too—

God is the mosquito, just as God is light, and God is you

God is just a word that we earthly children use


Limited definitions can’t contain the omnipotent, transient Truth


Is it time to face the music, hearing every subtle tone?

Have we reached the reckoning that’s long been foretold?

Is it time to shed our masks and remember our souls?

Time to wake up, but at the same time— let go

Into still, wild, willing hearts, the magic will flow…


Soak in each second, these are the moments we chose

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