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December 29, 2020 3 min read 1 Comment


Words describe experience— where attention goes

To each their own— words in sand, not in stone

Keep that in mind, wandering through any poem,

We’ve inherited these symbols, sounds and tones

Do we discern the energy of words in common prose?


Such limited vehicles for energy expressing souls

The vocabularies that fade when civilizations erode

All the definitions the hive mind expects you to know,

Exploring common places the hive mind expects you to go

We waive divine potential as we settle on recreating the old


Can we see beyond time— this metaphysical box we chose?

A Mind’s outward search makes life seem out of control,

Looking everywhere, except the beating chamber we know

If we knew our power, we wouldn’t get high off fear or hope…

We exist in a sea of stars, why spend our nights on a phone?


Will we release our ideas so pure moments can unfold?

Words needed, energy traded, a moment will expose

The universe responds to the energies we’ve sewn

Our ideas of separation are— just ideas— ideas alone

Boundaries give space, but still connect to the whole


‘Thinking’ hearts withhold love ‘til life feels under control

A distortion of reality, one programmed in the mold

May be why whole love evades those who ‘want’ it most…

If reactive judgement dissolves, I wonder what we’d know?

Would we ‘see’ people under the masks, under the robes?


The System just repackages old distractions in different clothes

Anyone can find dirt — only clear eyes can spot the gold

Where attention is directed is where your energy goes

The collective idea of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ creates this reality show

“Good vibes” without a spine is a blank book, but a title bold


Intuition arrives in devotion, not from “how-tos” or measured goals


Snakes thrive in Gardens planted with society’s regressive games

A forked tongue symbolic of path duality’s apple creates

Thoughts telling what you want to hear, and some that shame—

That is, until, sight rises above old paradigm’s mis-takes—

Infinity can’t be realized while minds mingle with linear ‘fate’


Discernment beyond dissonance can be an uncomfortable task

The weight of conformity always seems to pull back…

When ego clings to transient identities and temporary ‘facts’

Fool’s gold indoctrination selling degrees and letters attached

How many institutions write intellectual checks that can’t be cashed?


Eye of the beholder— the realest way to know toxic habits

Who were you before you became the role you were handed?

Been down those roads— chased down those rabbits

Sentient beings lie below layers of camouflaged attachments

Are you in truth, or a lifestyle character born from planning?


Knowledge without wisdom, a hallmark of the fool’s gold path

The Matrix meets the Truman show, living life as an act

Seek higher ideals, and old ways may try and distort the path

Mr. Smith becomes those we know and love— biology hacked

Daily lessons, maintaining centered resonance as we interact


Energy is exchanged with a simple look… a glance…


Is ‘purpose’ choosing to live true, without past masks?

Your true spark shines, inspiring other flames to dance

Flames self-sustaining, not dependent on a ‘better-half’

Intertwining flames blazing so bright the Cosmos react

Mankind, before the Monad, is a garden that’s only grass


Each thoughtseed foreshadows harvests that may pass

Little things seed the big things in this alchemical dance

Abundant gardens fed on trust, each Spring’s a new chance

Release each moment to Heart’s fire to feel Mind’s eye react…

Would we be realized if we released framed ideas of the past?


Charged times bring opportunity for the greatest tests

Observe where energy flows as thoughts project

Without calculating costs and counting breathes…

Is the great union when heart and mind connect?

A recapitulated being, risen from the walking dead


May Mind align with songs the Heart has always known…


Can a state of being transmute heavy situations in to gold?

Can we trust our ‘knowing’ to reveal the philosopher’s stone?

A pearl in the power source human chests were made to hold

Forgiveness releases ties, while condemning binds the soul

The ‘worst’ offenses can be transcended, life continues to flow…


May we release those “on our mind” so they may be reknown

Dying to each moment allows rebirth as truth’s new focus 

See inside a silent breath’s path to hear what can’t be shown 

To sense subtle tones’ arrival as the Great Maestro composes

The Cosmos bestows gifts in frequential shifts, the perfect doses…


Waves of change wash over what once was thought as hopeless

Revelations, rapture, ascension — dialects of Gnosis —

Unannounced, proverbial notions to wake up and smell the roses

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Luke hento
Luke hento

November 11, 2021

Where are you at and what do you charge and houre

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