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December 13, 2021 2 min read


Human vessels, each one essential, living temples of the Most High


Many’ve yet to recall, unfolding it all, feeling intuition’s light,

Here to remember timeless truths, to rediscover, to redefine…

Seeing all things as infinite dreams, knowing each pilgrim’s plight

Knowing thyself, seeding inner wealth— or pretending for others eyes?

Hiding one’s magic, nothing more tragic, clipped wings no longer fly


Energy changing, wavelengths rearranging, ever-transforming lore


Incarnate drops in eternity’s ocean, along endless shores,

Born into forgetting to experience remembering, to explore…

What is faith, but feasting on uncertainty as captains through storms

Faith’s key to the Kingdom, the heart’s holy grail has always been yours

Accepting is the testing, periods of resting, rising to potential’s floor


There’s no ‘escaping’ realms of our making, celestial surrender uncovers signs


The Prince of Peace is spiritual release, realizing is feeling forces align

Painter of seas of stars, dancing in the longest winter nights

Paradox glance, hard to grasp, entranced by games or social strife,

Words— our tall tales— can be spells or blessings, each must decide.

Weaving words and symbols as poetic riddles, or truth in plain sight?


Thy living truth does gleam… thy living dream, thy eternal mind…


Unveiling Renaissance hearts, lighting dark, in polarizing times…

Thy fire burning within, blazing again, flames creating all life,

Thy fire reclaims, as God’s grace, what hollow cultures leave behind

Releasing demands on the moment, rising above illusions as spirit realigns…

A Night King’s spells, Deception’s tells, bend to prodigal suns’ shine


Diamonds in the rough, beings of love, seeing eyes will know,


Revealer of illusions, the red pill becoming a red rose

Redeemer of mankind’s spirit, a child’s innocence growing old

Reuniter of lost love, seeking hearts of wandering souls

Reigniter of flames eternal, rising up from smoldering coals

Restorer of the Kingdom, noble crowns returning Gold


Freeing the collective means reshaping perspective— releasing shame


Becoming masters of reality, beyond duality, above the stage

Fear and faith coexisting, spirit-resisting, on lower energetic planes

Rising in resonance is causing transcendence as ‘fearing’ fades

Realms of living sculptures, refining vessels inner temples as energy waves,

Choosing higher sight, consciousness as Christ, frees one of Fear’s reign


The Kingdom is experiencing, seeing life less seriously, releasing old ways


Why cling to comfort, third-eye slumber, with heavens calling to explore…

This life’s cocoon, a mother’s womb, a holding space as we transform

Butterflies emerge no longer feeling fears of caterpillars before

Always, we’ve been destined to grow beyond our denser forms

Why cling to time, life as a ‘grind’— with the timeless available, mi amor?


Sight above cycles of Karma, the dawning of Dharma is collective ascent


Riding waves, reborn each day, centered awareness bringing amends

Our perfect imperfection, allowing lessons, leading to God within

Born as strangers in this maze, living other lives, living other skins…

May all wake to remember where we’ve gone, all we’ve been

May all return to ‘knowing’, mythos growing, reuniting cosmic kin


Sailing beyond Sasāra, rediscovering Nirvana, ancient souls born again

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