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December 29, 2020 3 min read 1 Comment

Earth soul shaking—there’s no escaping— releasing baggage we hold.


Kindred spirit talking as we’ve all been walking the same road…

Triggering realizations, releasing expectations, freeing webs of tangled souls,

Memories from higher places flooding sealed-off spaces to be reknown.

New ways of feeling, wanderers healing, hearing the subtle tones.

Cycling seclusion, revealing illusions, seems the matrix is going broke.


Alchemical breakdowns are structural shakedowns, revealing gold...


All-day mind’s eye seeing everyone met, as whole, as complete,

Interactions arriving, mutual desiring, this ‘time’ we share is free.

Rooms of eyes becoming realized, seeing the I’s becoming We,

As truth is thriving, there is no deciding, as quantums leap.

Devotion’s retreating can be misleading, underestimating Devotion’s reach.


There’s no forcing, quiet coercing— only sowing stringless seeds.


‘Being’ our full expressions through dark and stormy seas,

As vessels claiming contempt creating prisons of petty beliefs,

Northern eyes through narrow sighting don’t see what’s West or East.

Northern lights, inspiring sights, showing how energy speaks,

Vessels recognizing the silver lining, giving intuition room to breathe.



Heavy day hearts seem drifting, minds sifting, nowhere else to be...


Expectations anchoring growth in place, material envy ‘don’t come free’.

Reflecting reveals Faith’s testing— waves washing away inner weeds,

Future proving Past, unfolding at last, suggests designing from “future’s” seats.

We’d all be Benjamin Button witnessing lives as the Universe dreams,

Our experience of timing doesn’t mean ‘time’ is what we think.


Describing courtside views to those used to nosebleed seats…


If misery loves company, what kind of company will you be?

To ‘be’ love without reinforcing limiting lies some call ‘beliefs’,

Looking lenses of fear, of struggle— well, afraid and tired is what you’ll be.

Centered resonance creating ripples through pretender’s dis-ease,

The Kingdom won’t be found while bowing to systems of deceit.


Ideas to reflect on as ‘time’ goes on— not all ‘chaos’ is as it seems.


Beginning curses becoming blessings with ‘time’ revealing needs,

Regrets releasing, each prior teaching, was as meant to be,

Masters guiding, never been hiding, only beyond spectrums we see.

No reliving yesterday while today is waiting to be seen,

No living for tomorrow when today is where you ‘be’.



Compassion is intuition expressing, though some may leave…


Translating timeless thought to language the moment may need,

Energy arriving from the abyss, providing space is there to be received,

Waking with realizations that weren’t there before last night’s sleep,

Something like the face in the mirror assumed by its ‘future’ seed,

Words settling, resonance is everything, accepting is the key.


Our interaction’s, electromagnetic transactions, creating living dreams…


Every social trigger, a universal mirror, showing The Way…

A place of paradox,  fitting-in, while feeling out-of-place…

Reflecting between sessions shows the blessings of the maze.

This life’s migration, translating imagination, from timeless space,

Perception of one’s reflection is the reality one will face.


Mr. Smith arriving in clever disguising, not always suits and shades…


Making idols of our titles, abandoning high roads for prison cells.

Unseen creating, universal flame blazing, in their own inner well,

Not because it’s gone—because something said by someone else.

The signs are all around, a reality reflecting inner states as outer shells,

What if the limited life you know is just a collection from other selves?


A transient masking— we’ve all been acting— can’t you tell?



Staying in this world used to feel like punishment, but now I see.

Mediocrity’s games and convenient ways— shepherds and their sheep.

God-inspiring IS NOT requiring ‘immunizations’, explanations, or receipts.

Hearing the tales of masters, unfazed by ‘disasters’, those quiet beliefs,

Suppressed thoughts surprising, silence describing, tears triggering new relief.


Weights lifting— the Faith I’d been resisting— an indolent child becoming free.


No need for fearing, inadequacy searing, we’ve always been enough,

Hall of mirrors shaking, there is no mistaking what is or isn’t love.

House of Cards falling— Destiny is calling— shadows bow to Sun,

The fruits exposing deception’s clothing— the snakes and the doves,

Beginnings of remembering, some sleeping giants are waking up. 


Rediscovering true heritage, the divine marriage, the Kingdom has come.

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March 27, 2021

Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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