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May 03, 2018 2 min read 5 Comments


Clear sight existed early in life, you see?
Before anxious people shaped by stresses,
Claimed who we are, who we’re s’posed to be;
Praising competition, first and second…
Love treated as battles of the sexes.

Walk the planet as if a visitor
Without assumptions, comparisons faded.
View through foreign eyes, nothing similar,
Imagine life reset existing unjaded;
Exposing culture—this reality, we made it.

To lift the veil, reframe the view.
Collective amnesia, anxiety, greed—
The human condition is nothing new.
Tribalism nurtured, spreading weeds,
Seeds loyal pawns; faux freedom of the “free.”

We conformed to imagined confrontation
Into comfort’s echo chambers; where’s truth?
Creativity and collaboration…
Because of innate genius in mankind’s youth,
Some attempt control and tighten the noose.

Free thought, free souls born to step on toes;
Self sees danger in a spirit that wonders,
Self perceives spirit as needing control.
Those dogmatic notions rise to sunder…
To pious laws, while truth remains under.

So sure, so proud of our rational minds,
Unconscious of the infinite universe.
A deceptive veil so thick—eyes were blind.
Fearful minds revert to what’s usual…
Those misled lives spent, fearing funerals.

Many stumble and many are afraid…
Fear is understandable, I have seen,
I walk the same illusion every day
As mental walls uphold prisons of belief.
Altered view, still—I am you, you are me.

Fear drives separation, the loss of love.
Fear panics - grasping power - claws in deep;
Grasping by deception, claws draw blood.
Free will unshaken, destined to be free,
Trust intuition—wounds heal, souls find peace.

Resistance and guidance, they coexist -
Angels and demons, heaven and hell -
Polar forces guide human conductors, this
Plane of vibration, the quantum realm.
Still, some claim separation as egos swell.

Welcome fear to revoke permission,
To grasp purpose and human coalescence.
Conscious living, a heart’s decision
To surrender judgement and earthly obsessions,
Releasing guilt and shining light on lessons.

Words misconstrued, conveniently revised,
Born of forgiveness but raised to condemn.
Mankind reborn to salvage truth in lies,
One planet realized as family, as friends...
As wisdom prevails, so shall man ascend.

Let the subconscious unravel the clues…
Hearts speak in silence; volume down low
Frees intuition, let it choose.
We call it flow state, feeling “in the zone,”
A state of clarity—the soul’s true home.

Author your life and visualize faith
To move ahead as worries drift out to sea.
Forgive to grow, flow in the age of grace,
Wisdom finds those souls of weathered belief.
Life forever changed, when the eyes can see.


© Portfolio 51

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July 24, 2020

Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

Jennifer Palsma
Jennifer Palsma

May 14, 2018

This is amazing. I work at an all male prison as a Chemical Dependency Counselor. This poem is perfect. Can I share it with my clients?

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