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Mirrors hide in plain sight, can you see?

Judging them daily, protecting our form,

Wandering eyes meet until scared eyes flee…

Respect all journeys and poise will adorn

The soul’s sight, a phoenix, its vision reborn.


A life of mirrors, exposing as such—

Our unspoken fears and shallow façades,

Our defensive sight as an ignorant judge.

To face the truth of reflections in all

Find a way beyond personality’s wall.


Ego, the foundation for resistance—

Self-sabotage, security in disguise—

A double-edged sword thriving on distance

Apart from knowledge and words of the wise,

Fears feed egos desperate to stay alive.


Fear looks at mirrors as if dirty glass,

But actions critiqued reflect right back.

We treat them as windows and discount their past

With eyes wide shut blending in with the pack,

Shattering mirrors and blocking the path.


Stagnant views power the pull of the herd…

Moments of love but many of scorn,

Few moments without judgement, without words—

Unseen potential of closed, unlocked doors—

Looking past mirrors and down at the floor.


Fear by design creates our false prophets

Whose living thrives on tragedy’s focus.

Paths chosen to mock the philosophic—

Step outside that pull, if just for a moment,

To claim free will as souls seek atonement.


These times will pass, do the work, have patience…


Ancient texts, lost in translation,

Censored through time while aiding suppression.

People distracted in sheltered nations

Wonder why—how can life bring depression?

Times are changing and minds are the weapons.


Identity, a transitory compass,

Showing the way while hiding true purpose.

Through a cynical lens life appears loveless,

A distorted view through a rippled surface

Where storms can grow to exploit our focus.


Outlast mental storms by learning to see,

Notice where the record’s broken.

Lowered guards open hearts, calming seas—

Bring mental chatter out in the open

Releasing tension often left unspoken.


In these clear moments words lose their weight,

Thoughts will come and go, free of chains—

Free of identity forcing an escape—

Take the scenic route out of the fast lanes

To reveal ego’s methods of inner pain…


Our circumstances show prior intentions,

Proving our thoughts are what life becomes.

Silent reflection transcends the lessons

Of mirrors—the key to rising above

To a new level of life existing in love.


We admit judgment’s echo, we sense

The deceit of temporary pleasure.

To the body, there is no difference

Between ourselves and who we measure—

Damn others and the Truth returns the favor.


Victim mentality creates the void…

Reliving all that is wrong permits fruition

For the reality feared, removing joy,

And cycles repeat the human condition.

To change the cycle, we change our vision.


Manifest this future from where you are—

Become the vision, align heart to mind—

We are creators, not servants with scars,

What that feels like is life’s purpose to find.

Luck makes its home in focused, selfless minds.


When judgement becomes compassion

Mirrors absorb the light, they lose their glare.

See their true form for the first time, caption

That state of mind—how it feels to be aware—

This is the present moment. You are there.





Photo by Kai Oberhauser

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